Pax Porfiriana Collector's Edition - Power & Empire in Mexico, 1898-1920, designed by Phil and Matt Eklund

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Boardgame for 1 to 6 players vying for power and empire in revolutionary Mexico, 1898-1920. Win if you become the next dictator of Mexico. in English. In the top 200 best strategy games on Board Game Geek.

"Quite possibly the best produced card game I own. The artwork, text and functionality of each of the cards (they are all unique) is quite amazing. Game playing is fabulous - players are trying to topple the Mexican government by fair means or foul. The game is tremendously interactive with assets being hijacked, partners assassinated, roaming bands of soldiers appropriating all they can - despite the seething politics and change its no random take that fest - players need to find a strategy and work to it. The number of unique cards means this game has limitless replayability. My favourite Sierra Madre game." - Paul Lister of Boardgame Guru.

Pax Porfiriana is Latin for “The Porfirian Peace”. It refers to the 33-year reign of dictator Porfirio Díaz, ruling Mexico with an iron hand until toppled by the 1910 Revolution. As a rich businessman (Hacendado) in the turbulent pre-revolutionary borderlands of the U.S. and Mexico, compete to build business empires of ranches, mines, rails, troops, and banks while subverting your opponents with bandidos, Indians, and lawsuits. Win by toppling Díaz, either by coup, succession, revolution, or annexing Mexico to the U.S. If Díaz remains firmly seated at the end of the game, then the player with the most gold is the winner.

Game Length: 2 hours

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Living and Optional rules here: Pax Porfiriana Living Rules

Yucata Version and tutorial: Yucata

Custom game pieces (pesos, plus unrest & jailed markers) are now for sale for your Pax Porfiriana game: customeeple

"This game easily wins the "most game per cubic inch" award. ...They had to use extra-thick cardboard to hold in all the awesome!" - Martin G.

"Rated a 10 after two 4-player games. Incredible depth and complexity for such a small package. The mechanics and card interactions are intricate and thoroughly well designed." - Urslocal

"A bellwether game...the next great card game has arrived." - Tom Shields

"Incredible, quite possibly my favorite card game ever." - Chris Keates

"It's an amazing distillation. Phil Eklund returns to the Lords style game with a vengeance. I'm a couple plays in and it's hard to express how satisfied I feel. Needless to say, this game is a scream--I can't believe so much theme has been packed into so few rules. It puts robust budgets of many ameritrash titles to shame." - Cole Wehrle

"Wow, is this a great design. A lot of the feel of Republic of Rome with much less rules and playtime." Chad Marlett

"Simply superb. An incredibly deep and replayable game which drips with history." - Borat Sagdlyev

"The choices are amazing. It's never dull. If you're playing with more than two you'll want to play with people than understand and can accept that they'll be hit by other players from time to time. There's plenty of interaction." - Lindsay Scholle

"Don't be fooled by the size of the package or the fact that this is a card game, this is one of the meatiest, best games of the year. Lots of little hooks ooze all over this game, just waiting to dig deep and drag you into one of the most intense gaming experience of the year." - Stephane Brochu.

    Game Material for the English Collector's Edition:
  • 220 Cards (enterprises, partners, spies, financiers, bandidos, lawsuits, corrupt union bosses, gunfighters, etc.)
  • Mounted folding gameboard NEW (Pax Pamir gameboard is on the other side)
  • 60 money tokens (pesos)
  • 90 wooden cubes for six players NEW
  • rules, analysis, guides, and background NEW
  • 320 X 158 X 60mm box NEW

What is a "paxgame"? Everyone knows what a wargame is: players assume Napoleon-like roles representing nations and maneuvering pawns across a mapfield. In a "paxgame", the players ARE the pawns.


Download Romanian Rules here: PAX PORFIRIANA ROMANIAN RULES


€ 50,00  including VAT but not including shipping costs